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Susan Coats and Andrea Palash have been practicing law together for 24 years, combining over seven decades of professional experience into one preeminent, highly specialized partnership.

We are pioneers and innovators, and we carry that spirit with us every day. We are leaders in our field and have seen the world and the practice of family law change at a breathtaking pace. We strive to remain in the vanguard of our profession and stay attuned to what is new, what is next, and what is possible. We have devoted the majority of our careers not just to the service of clients, but to the legal profession and the betterment of the practice and perception of family law.


We are clear-headed and practical. Our job is to advise and counsel you and we take that responsibility very seriously. We will roll up our sleeves, get to work, give you the 30,000-foot overview as well as a comprehensive tour of the minutiae. We will treat you like an adult: we will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We will listen to you and partner with you to explore options and a path forward, whether that involves reaching a settlement in a collaborative frame, creating a comprehensive parenting plan, or developing a cogent litigation strategy.


Susan is a devoted problem solver, collaborative practitioner, finder of creative solutions, and builder of productive professional alliances. Susan’s practice is limited to consensual dispute resolution models of mediation and collaborative practice, and the crafting of pre-and-post marital agreements utilizing mediation and collaborative process models. She is available to serve as a referee for personal property division, reimbursement claims, child support add-ons and other matters.

Andrea’s litigation practice has been devoted exclusively to high-conflict child custody litigation and the resolution of parenting disputes as a neutral Parenting Coordinator, following her longstanding passion for protecting and preserving the interests of children. Andrea also serves as a private judge for all purposes, with an emphasis on custody and parenting issues.

While our areas of practice differ, of greatest importance to both of us is our shared commitment to the delivery of quality legal services while adhering to the highest professional standards with humanity, compassion, and integrity.